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    Get to know the ladies behind the wedding team.

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    Windflower Florist started out to walk the road of life with our customers through our various products and it may be puzzling to some that we don't offer wedding services. That's not true! We don't offer wedding services because our sister arm O'hara Weddings does a great job at it and we would like to bring you closer to the ladies behind O'hara Weddings.


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    How did O’hara Weddings started and why the name O’hara Weddings?

    Chanel, who interned at Windflower Florist through her University years, has always been interested in the wedding industry and she shared this vision with Stanley, the boss of Windflower Florist. I was an admin personnel under Windflower Florist, and had the chance to converse with brides-to-be via emails which I found to be interesting and fulfilling. With the support of Stanley, we decided to take a leap of faith and that was how O’hara Weddings was founded!

    The first decision of any business is to decide on a name for the company. We wanted something that was aesthetic yet symbolic, and after some research, we decided to go with “O’hara”. The O’hara Garden Roses stand for purity and new beginnings. This resonated with us since we were starting out on a clean slate and on a new journey together as business partners.

    Karen - Director

    Are there any limitations or challenges of being an all-women team? If so, how did the team overcome them?

    As much as we advocate gender equality, we’ll have to admit that physical strength is one of the limitations we face. We often have to lift and transport heavy objects during set-ups and tear-downs, which is rather demanding and strenuous for us. Also, none of us on the team has a driving license so we are unable to settle logistics in-house.

    We can’t really overcome our lack of muscle power per se, but I think we have become stronger and more resilient with every set-up we do! Also, we have the reliable help of Stanley and our various logistics partners whenever there is heavy lifting to be done, and we are really thankful for them in these situations!

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    Wedding services

    O'hara Weddings offer a wide range of wedding services which include bridal bouquets, boutonnières/corsages, car decoration, venue styling, bridesmaids bouquets. 

    In their busiest period, they can do up to 8 wedding bouquets in a day!

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    Who is your favourite female icon and how she has impact the way you run O’hara Weddings?

    I know it sounds cheesy, but my mom is my icon. She was a high school graduate with no University degree to establish her own shipping business which was rather successful. She started her career as a personal assistant to a shipping agent and she picked up most of the business knowledge required there. She also learnt English on her own when it was still not a popular language in Taiwan yet to be acquainted with people in the industry. My social skills were acquired from her as I sat in many of her business meetings ever since I was in Kindergarten. Her management philosophy also rubbed off on me and I think I do try to run the company with her ethos at the back of my mind!

    Chanel - Director

    Being in a female-dominated industry, how do you empower and create support to your friendors or each other?

    Contrary to popular belief, there are actually quite a number of male florists in the wedding industry!

    I think the wedding scene in Singapore has shifted from one of Competition to one of Community. We have made friends with various vendors through styled shoots and wedding events, and this synergy comes in handy in our line of work. For example, with our preferred partners scheme, we help to refer customers to our friendors and vice versa. In a way, this community is also beneficial to couples who stand to enjoy greater discounts and ease in their wedding planning process.

    On an individual level, we have also forged personal friendships and we encourage/help one another when the times get tough. It is also very inspiring to see the works of fellow vendors and mutual appreciation is also another factor that has helped us press on in this industry.

    How has your journey with O’hara Weddings been?

    Before I turned full-time in January it was rather daunting for someone like me with no experience in floristry and at times I felt overwhelmed by my own insecurities at work. But as I learnt new skills and improved on them, I began to find work fun and fulfilling. I also feel empowered to help out in more areas with my new capacity.

    Tiffany - Florist 

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