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  • Floriography Vol 1.

    Speak the language of flowers.

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    Flowers have been used as a universal language for centuries to express emotions when words fail. Most of us are unable to differentiate flowers or remember the names of them, let alone know the meaning of it. However, certain milestones, occasions and events in life send us right to a florist. 

    There are no definitive meaning to flowers. Take for example, In Russia, an odd number of blooms signifies joy, and even numbers are reserved for grieving and funerals. In Belgium and Austria, the chrysanthemum is used almost exclusively as a memorial flower to honor loved ones while in Australia, chrysanthemums are the official flower for Mother’s Day due to their nickname “mums.”

    Let us begin on this journey to speak the language of flowers

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    Tulips did not originate from Holland as what we are commonly told. 
    Tulips are native to Central Asia and Turkey and was brought to Holland in the 16th Century. Just like many other flowers, different colors of Tulips express different emotions. Red often evokes passionate love and it is no surprise that red Tulips paired with Pink Spray roses sends a symbol of the truest love.
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    The Gerbera (or commonly known here as Daisy) is the epitome of Youthfulness and cheerfulness with its large headed petals available in myriad colours. We paired them Alstroemeria which represent friendship and devotion to celebrate the adventure of youths.
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    Protea are often associated with courage and strength due to its hardiness and the dormant buds are said to be able to survive the wildfires and the toughest of weather conditions.  Here we see the Protea bouquet paired with accents of Statice ( Forget-me-not ) which holds the meaning of remembrance, conveying to the recipient that they are always on your mind. This bouquet gives encouragement and love in equal measure.  
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    The word Calla means beauty or beautiful in Greek and the Calla Lily symbolizes modesty. 
    Here we see that the Calla lily is paired with white Matthiola which represents lasting beauty and contentment, a bouquet that speaks to the lady who is grounded and exude quiet elegance.
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